GridironMemories Custom build website offers the customer the opportunity to have a custom one-off decal created for their helmet build.  Upon you sending us an image that is legible and clear, we can advise you whether the image can be custom created and made into a decal set for your helmet build.  If we deem the image viable, a minimum $65-dollar charge will be necessary for GridironMemories Custom to create, print and affix the decal to your custom helmet build.  Should the decal be of a complicated nature with additional time needed, the charge will be greater than $65, and the customer will still be notified of the charge before billing.

Once a customer has paid and purchased their helmet build, we will bill you separately via PayPal for the applicable charge and complete the helmet build to include your approved decal.

The Helmet shown below changes colors when you select the Helmet color in the drop down selection box.  It does not necessarily represent the Helmet Model of the page you are currently on.  Also, colors may look slightly different in shade based on the type of device and monitor you may be using,




How long does it take to process an order.

We stock most items so very often an order is processed the same day. But you should always expect a 48 hour build time before shipping. Don’t put your self in a bind. Order of 4 or more could take a bit longer. Contact us if any concerns.

Will I be able to track my order

Once your order has been completed and shipped, you will receive a follow up email displaying the tracking number and a link to the tracking venue.

 What is the size of the helmet?

Be aware that for the most part, helmet shells were of one size and it was just the internal suspension that changed.  Our shells are 100% the exact same size as the normal adult shell of the suspension era.  Helmets of those days were much much smaller than today’s huge buckets they wear.  These helmets have been worn in Movies, Super Bowl commercials, TV commercials and print ads.  Of course all with special wavers.

Can I order different sizes or custom sizes?

If we made helmet suspensions different sizes it would encourage people to wear.  All 12 point suspension are marked with a standard 7 3/8″ size.  On occasion we will stamp another size in the suspension for a customer.  This is for cosmetic purposes only.

Do you carry any NFL Helmets or Decals?

We do not carry licensed team decals of any league.  Never would they be sold to the public. Sadly the actions of a few have hurt the good intentions of many

Can you tell me the correct color and correct striping of any NFL Team Helmet?

We do not help in the building of any Unlicensed  team’s helmet

Can I receive special pricing or shipping on bulk orders?

Always feel free to emails us with special requests.  We may not always be able to accommodate but if you don’t ask, we for sure can’t help.

What is your phone number so I may discuss purchasing items?

GridironMemories is designed to be a self service online store providing quality products at great prices. Our pricing and design were created without the cost factors of having a call center or a memorabilia discussion center.  You may contact us using our online contact form or refer to any of the FAQ answers on this page.

Can you tell me how to restore my helmet?

Well, we stopped giving reconditioning information due to communication break downs and customers damaging the plastic.  It is not that we don’t want to help we just know the damage that can happen when doing incorrectly.

Can you restore my old helmet?

Contact the folks at

What is a No Wear Bar and can I buy a helmet without it?

This is the NCAA, your government and insurance companies protecting you from yourself.  Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  Sadly they don’t trust you and your behavior..  OK now at least we feel better getting that off of our chest. The manufacture is “required” to put in a thin metal bar inside the top of the helmet.  So are all the other licensed manufactures.  The nice thing about our helmets is we use the older antique riveting system and the NWB bar goes up high and is not visible unless looking for it.   Other manufactures have to put this big metal bar from ear hole to ear hole.

Can the No Wear Bar be removed?

We cannot tell you to take it out but with over 50,000 helmets sold, we can only imagine what men can do.